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Hardscape Design and Installation

hilton head landscape company 3Your hardscape design works hand in hand with your landscape design, diametrically defining it through your hardscape’s texture, color, space, design, and style. Hardscapes are design elements that are solid and unchanging as the years go by. It takes care of the spaces, proportion, patios, driveways, arbors and gates, among others. For example, the construction of wall to demarcate property division and shape, the installation of fountains, ponds, swimming pools, or other water features for aesthetic and recreational purposes can all be considered as hardscaping.
Hilton Head Landscape is a team of proficient and certified installers who have obtained expertise in hardscape designing and installation from the many years of experience in this business. Our designers can help you determine how to plan for hardscapes. We express beauty, objective, and longevity in all our hardscape designs and installations.
We offer the following hardscape designs and installations:
• Patios – We have different presentation styles of patios using natural stone, paver stone, or even engineered pavers. Whatever you want, we make it happen.
• Walls Platforms and Steps – Landscape with platforms, steps, seating walls or retaining walls can add interest and function to your property. You can choose from boulder, natural stone, cultured stone, block and cap, and brick veneer walls, depending on your needs and preferences.
• Masonry Services – Hilton Head Services can customize walkway, driveway, patio, terrace, wall, set of stairs, and almost any kind of masonry services for hardscape designing and installation.HPIM3331
• Pool Decking – Your pool needs a safe walkway and a beautiful deck of either paver stone or natural stone. We have it all for you.
• Planters – Put emphasis on your favorite plants and showcase them using custom-built planters.
• Landscape Lighting – Lights are a powerful medium to manifest the artistry and asset of your property whenever the sun sets in. Install low-voltage lights around your home and be amazed how much change lights can make for your home.
• Ponds, Waterfalls, and Water Features – Water has always been known to add life to any landscape. This element highlights movement and sound, which when combined, creates magnificence.
• Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits – Hilton Head Landscape offers custom and pre-fabricated pieces using our best-selling stones.
• Outdoor Kitchens – A kitchen is the heart of a home. How about extending your indoor kitchen outdoor? Enjoy prepping, cooking, and dining with family in a natural setting.
• Driveways – We have several options for designing and installing driveways that require minimal maintenance.
• Pillars, Piers and Columns – These three are the perfect additions to your entrance as well as to your landscape.
• Drainage Solutions – For maximum drainage, Hilton Head Landscape has extensive solutions that also function to reduce penetrating moisture and avoid damage caused by freezing conditions.
Hilton Head Landscape is dedicated to making your outdoor environment an extension of your personal comfort and lifestyle. We are happy to tailor our services and customize our creation to meet your desired outcome. We deliver to you your visualization of an ideal hardscape upshot.
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